Staples Stores Sell eBay Gift Cards

ebay gift card at staplesI saw this news yesterday. To see eBay Gift Cards with my own eyes, I went to Staples today. I was worried that the store I went hadn’t been in stock yet or the GCs had sold out within two days. But, I found a bunch of them. They were placed in a gift card rack with other gift cards. There was nothing to notify the return of eBay GCs. The GCs sit quietly on one portion of the rack as if they had been there for a long time.

The denomination of GCs is only $50. That was all I found at Staples, and I don’t know if there are others. I picked up two of them with other gift cards (two $50 Shell GCs) to make the total more than $200 (for Visa SavingEdge) and checked out with Chase Ink Cash credit card.

In this way, I can get any gift cards at Staples with 6% discount (5% cash back from credit card + 1% back from Visa SavingEdge.)

3x ebay bucks no minimumIs this coincidence? eBay offers “3X eBay Bucks” promotion yesterday and today. It is usually 2% back. So, 3X is 6% back. Normally, eBay Bucks promotion has minimum purchase requirements, such as $200 or more. And the requirements are prices of a single item, not the total. Due to this, I sometimes can’t get deals because I can’t find items that meet requirements. But this time, there is no minimum. So, I can get this deal with only two $50 GCs I just purchased today.

3x ebay bucksI bought “$100 Sears Gift Card – Email Delivery.” I earned 3x (=$6) eBay Bucks with this purchase. Combined with credit card reward and Visa SavingEdge, I got 12% discount!

Now that eBay GCs are available in stores, I will be able to save a lot of money. I purchase a lot on eBay, mostly gift cards. I buy a lot of discounted gift cards on eBay to save money, but now ever more!!!

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