Loyalty Rewards Program

Shop Your Way Rewards – Extra VIP Choice Benefit between 12/1/15-12/31/15

I received a letter from Shop Your Way. It says that there will be another VIP Choice Benefit in December. SYW offers VIP Choice Benefit every quarter. I have already redeemed 4th quarters’, but they offer another one for December.

VIP Choice Benefit is a special deal for VIP members available every quarter. VIP members can choose one of the high-value coupons and redeem. Here are some examples from 3rd quarter of this year.

shop your way vip choice benefit platinum

To receive extra VIP Choice Benefit, I will need to go to Sears and make a purchase between 6 and 9 pm on November 22nd. The letter doesn’t mention about minimum or eligible/excluded items. Probably, it’s only important to take this letter and have it scanned at that time. Here is the letter.

syw extra vip choice benefit

They call it “VIP Member Exclusive Invitation – Members Private Night.”

I won’t be able to see Extra VIP Choice Benefits until December. I hope they will be as good as regular ones (offered quarterly.)

If you want to know more about Shop Your Way Rewards, click here.

New SYW VIP Choice Benefit is available now!

There are new offers (VIP Choice Benefit) for Shop Your Way VIP members. I’d redeemed two offers per account this year. New offers became available in the first month of each quarter. So, I believe there will be other offers in October, too. If you don’t know about Shop Your Way Reward program, click here to see details.

shop your way vip choice benefit

VIP Choice Benefit for my account#1

This time, I chose the following:

At Kmart in store and online, members get 75% back in points when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ Tablet w/ 16GB Memory and Android 5.0 – Smoky Titanium

After you choose the offer at shopyourway.com, you will receive a confirmation email. You can print out the coupon or load to your SYW account by clicking a link in the email. For an in-store purchase, it’s better to take a printout to a store with you and show it to a cashier at checkout. For online, you can redeem it by applying a coupon. After you load to your account by clicking a link in the email, you will see the coupon with other regular coupons. You can apply it during a checkout.

I already bought the item. It costs $199 at kmart.com. With the offer I just chose, I will earn $150-worth SYW points. And, I clicked through DD shopping portal. It offers 5% cash back. Plus, the current promotion of Discover credit cards (Double-All-Cash-Back) will give me back another 5%. I used Kmart gift cards as payment, which I had bought on eBay with 5x eBay Bucks promotion (10% back in eBay Bucks.) At checkout on eBay, I used eBay gift cards that I had bought at staples.com, paid with Chase ink that offer 5x category bonus for office supply store purchases. When I consider all cash back and reward points, the item is almost free.

And here are the other offers. You can choose only one offer. After I had chosen the offer, all other offers became Not Eligible.

shop your way vip choice benefit platinum

VIP Choice Benefit for my account#2

Next, I logged in to my other SYW account. I have two accounts now. Last year, I had only one account and used it with SYW Max (a free shipping program for online orders) for a drop-shipping business. After about six months of use, they spotted. At first, I thought my account was shut down. Then I opened a brand new account. But the previous account has been active whole time. The only problem is they are blocking me from online orders. I can still earn and redeem SYW points as long as I purchase in a store. They even send me coupons, surprise points, etc from time to time. So, I keep this account and use it only when surprise points and high-valued coupons are available. Now, VIP Choice Benefit offer is available on this account, too. A status of this account is Gold, and the first one is Platinum. The offers are a lot different from Platinum.

shop your way vip choice benefit gold

I chose this offer,

At Sears, in store and online, members get 100% back in points when you purchase a Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt 4-Piece Lithium Combo Kit

Before I chose the offer, I had to check availability in my local stores. The item I chose for the last time wasn’t available at my local stores. Since they block me from online orders, I had to drive 30+ miles to buy the item and redeem the offer. I learned a lesson from it. This time, I made sure that the item was in stock at my local store that is only 2 miles away before choosing the offer. I will go and buy the item this weekend. And also I’d like to carry an experiment at checkout.

Triple Rewards on 1800flowers Purchases through July 31st

Fuel Reward Network has a promotion for purchases at 1800flowers.com. You can earn 10¢/gallon discount on every $50 spent. $50 isn’t a minimum requirement. An amount you spend is cumulative and recorded in your FRN account. Once the total reaches $50, they post the reward to your account.

1800flowers frn promo

10¢/gallon is worth up to $2. So, the reward is equivalent to 4% cash back. If you don’t know about FRN, please click here.

The greatest point of this promotion is that it is not a shopping portal deal, but MasterCard and Visa cards link deal. In other words, you can earn cash back or travel reward from shopping portal site and an FRN reward with a single transaction.

FRN online mall has 1800flowers, but you don’t have to use this portal. There are the better ones. The best rate is 15% from Discover Deals. When you purchase something at 1800flowers with a linked credit card, you will earn 15% cash back and 4%-equivalent in FRN Rewards.

So far, it’s only double. What is the third one to make sense of the title of this post? It’s Shop Your Way. SYW is also a partner with 1800flowers. You can link your MasterCard and Visa cards. When you use a linked card for a purchase, you will earn SYW rewards. SYW offers 20% back in SYW points. Fortunately, FRN and SYW partner program don’t affect each other. You can earn both card-link partner reward. So, it’s now triple.

Plus, you can earn 10% back in Celebration Reward (loyalty reward program of 1800flowers.) And there is your credit reward, too.

What’s more? You can earn all rewards above on a purchase of GCs. 4%+15%+20%+10%+1%=50% A half of expense will be back in a variety of rewards. Their GC can be sold for around 60% of face value to GC exchange sites. By rough estimate, 10% reward will be remain!!!

The Benefits of Shop Your Way MAX

shop your way maxShop Your Way MAX is an annual paid membership program for Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) members. SYWR is free loyalty rewards program for Sears and Kmart shoppers. SYW MAX offers free shipping on many items at Sears.com and Kmart.com. But, large or bulky items are excluded. Items that cost less than $10 are MAXELIGIBLE. They don’t qualify for free shipping by themselves, but they do when total purchase is $30 or more. Depending on items, they send them either 2-day or standard shipping. You can upgrade standard shipping to 2-day shipping for 99¢ and next-day shipping for $3.99. Annual membership fee is only $39. A few years ago, I was $79. It’s a great reduction.

90 Days of Free Trial

They offer 90 days of a free trial. You don’t need to tell them your credit card info. You can just use the program for 90 days. You may think that it’s better to use a free trial for the full 90 days. However, depending how often you shop online, you should pay $39 and become a MAX member as soon as possible. That is because of extra benefits you will get as a MAX member.

Benefits of SYW MAX

In addition to getting free shipping, you will get more benefits when you become a member. One of them is that base points of SYWR will double. When you buy at Sears or Kmart, you earn SYWR points, 10 points on every dollar. 10 points are worth 1¢. So, it is like a 1% cash back. After you become a MAX member, base points will be double on all purchases. It is like a 2% cash back.

Another benefit is that they just give you 3000 points (=$3) on the beginning of every month. It makes the membership fee only $3 in last month of annual membership. Please note that these points expire in 14 days. You need to redeem them within the first 14 days of each month.

During 90 days of a free trial, you don’t get these benefits. If you purchase something online at least once a month, it’s better to pay the annual fee as soon as possible and get the full of MAX benefits.


There are some reasons you should be a MAX member. First of all, $39 of an annual fee is relatively cheap. Without being a MAX member, Sears and Kmart still offer free shipping on the total purchase of $59 or more (as of 2015.) However, the benefit will give you back more than a membership fee in the form of SYW points. (Free 3000 points (=$3) every month & double base points on all purchases.)

Shop Your Way Rewards Review

shop your way rewardsSears or Kmart are probably not offering the cheapest price when you compare with the other major department stores. However, Sears and Kmart’s common loyalty program called Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) is a great program for giving you back in store credit called SYWR points. You will be able to use SYWR points for future purchases at Sears and Kmart. It is free to join. When you take a full advantage of it, SYWR has a potential to beat the best price of other stores.


Earn 10 points on every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. The purchase of gift cards is not eligible for earning points. 1000 points is worth $1. So, it is 1% back in store credit.

Double or 5X base points with Sears credit card

You can easily double or 5X the base point by paying with Sear credit card or joining Shop Your Way Max (SYW Max.) Sears MasterCard and Sear store card (Sears CCs), these credit card’s benefits are almost the same. One of the benefits is that paying with Sears CCs doubles base points on Sears purchases, multiplies base points by five on Kmart purchases. (it’s like 2% back on Sears, 5% back on Kmart purchases.)

Double base points by joining Shop Your Way MAX

Sears and Kmart offer a free-shipping program called Shop Your Way Max (SYW MAX.) Most of the items are eligible for free shipping. Some large or bulky items are excluded. Once you become a member, base points you earn will be double. As of 2014, an annual membership fee of SYW Max is $39. But somehow, they just give you free 3000 points ($3) every month. $3 x 12 months =$36 will be back in points!

You will receive bonus points from both Sears CC and SYW MAX in the same transaction. For example, if you are a member of SYW MAX and buy $100 merchandise with Sear CC at Kmart, base points will be 1000. And bonus points for using Kmart CC will be 4000. Plus, bonus points for being SYM MAX will be 1000. Total points you earn on this purchase will be 6000 (=$6.) It’s like 6% cash back.


Basically, there are two types of coupons, “Discount” and “Point.” It’s simple. You can get discount with “Discount” coupons, so you will pay less. With “Point” coupons, you pay the same price, but you will receive bonus points. Coupons have restrictions to apply. Some coupons can apply to items in a specific category, some coupons can’t apply to clearance, sale items, etc. It is important to review your order before placing an order. Online, on the final page, there is “Review Order” button right next to “Place Order Now” button. Check the price and the details of SYWR points to see if a coupon is applied. In store, you can load coupons to your SYWR account and then purchase in store. Coupons may apply automatically. To make sure of it, you have to ask a cashier before paying. If you think it’s bothersome or shameful, you’d better avoid purchasing in store.

VIP Status

There are three VIP status, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To obtain VIP status, you will have to spend $2500 for VIP Silver, $5000 for VIP Gold, and $10,000 for VIP Platinum in a calendar year. The purchase of gift cards and SYWR point redemption are not qualified spending for VIP status. Your account will be automatically upgraded when your total spending reaches each minimum spending requirement. Once you obtain VIP status, you will keep the status until the end of the following year. If you spend $2500/$5000/$10000 in the following year, you will be in VIP Silver/Gold/Platinum next year. Total qualified spending for VIP status resets to zero on December 31. For example, if you spend $6000 in total in 2014, you will be VIP Gold until the end of 2015. And if you don’t spend more than $2500 in 2015, you will be no longer VIP in 2016.

Benefits of VIPs

Here are the basic benefits of VIP Status

  • You automatically receive 20% in Points on all computer accessories
  • Exclusive VIP Member offers throughout the year.
  • Enjoy a 5%/10%/15% points special bonus day each quarter. (Silver/Gold/Platinum)
  • Treat yourself to 5%/10%/15% points on all qualifying purchases during your birthday month. (Silver/Gold/Platinum)
  • $4.99 oil change with free tire rotation at Sears Auto Centers twice/3 times/4 times a year. (Silver/Gold/Platinum)

The higher VIP status is, the more points you can earn on special bonus days and in your birthday month. Please note that in order to receive 5%/10%/15% points, you need to load a coupon that is sent to you by email and apply it at checkout. You can use the same coupon many times during the promotion period. Special bonus day is only one day long, but you can use a birthday coupon over and over during your birthday month!

VIP member always gets more. Here are other useful coupons.

  • Get $10 back in points (10,000 points) when you spend $50
  • Get $20 back in points (20,000 points) when you spend $75

I don’t know the requirement to receive these coupons, but they send me every 2 or 3 weeks. And, unlike regular coupons, VIP coupons (above two, special bonus day, and birthday month coupons) can be applied to almost all items.


This is a new one. I believe it just started in 2014. Here is how it works. You can select one of the exclusive offers. And then you will receive VIP CHOICE Benefits certificate by email. Print for in-store purchase or load and apply at checkout for online purchase. It sounds like the same as VIP coupons, but the offers are so special, such as 100% back in points when you purchase Dell Laptop Model# xxx or $40 back in points when you spend $50 or more in apparel at Kmart.

I don’t how many times a year they release new offers. According to their website, they say, “CHOICE Benefits change seasonally.” They also say, “CHOICE Benefits are limited in quantity, so choose your favorite today before it’s gone!” That is true. Popular offers become all taken very quickly. You will receive an email when the next VIP CHOICE release date is close. Visit the VIP CHOICE page on a release date and choose your favorite. You don’t have to check out at that moment, but just click and claim your benefits so you can get it later.

How to Become VIP effectively

Since the purchase of gift cards are not qualified spending for becoming VIP, I don’t think there is a special easy way to obtain VIP status. However, there are items that help you obtain VIP status. SYWR program offers a lot of points when you purchase some items. There is always something. You can find in their websites. Look for a link “Member Exclusive” or “ShopYourWay Exclusive.”

sywr member exclusiveFor example, Kmart sells this headphone for $12.50, and SYWR gives you $10 back in points. The base point is 125 points. If you are a MAX member, you will get another 125 points. And if you pay with Sears CCs, you will get 125 x 4 = 500 points. Plus, let’s say you clicked a link of shopping portal site that offers 10% cash back. The cash back will be $1.25. So, you pay $12.50 + tax and earn $12 in points and cash back. If you use Sears gift cards instead of credit cards, it could be a better result. You can easily find their gift cards with around 10% discount. When you use the gift card for the purchase, you may as well get $1.25 discount in advance. You won’t receive 500 point, but will receive base points and MAX bonus (125+125 points.) The total of cash back and points will be $12.75! (And don’t forget that headphone is yours!)

Redeem Points

You can redeem your points both in-store and online. You can’t redeem for the purchase of gift cards. In-store, you will need a PIN to redeem more than 10000 points ($10). You can choose any amount in 10 (points) increments. Point redemption is applied pre-tax total. So, if you pay the whole amount with points, there is no sale tax. Please remember you should click through a shopping portal site on every purchase. It doesn’t matter if you redeem points partially or fully, portal sites use list prices to calculate the cash back.

When you pay the whole amount with points, you earn zero points. If you buy lots of “Member Exclusive” items (such as the headphone’s example above), you may have lots of points and probably want to redeem them. Let’s say you buy another headphone. To earn $10 bonus in points, you will need to pay at least $10 out of your pocket. So, redeem 2500 points and pay $10 + tax with GCs or CC. Again, shopping portal sites use $12.50 to calculate the cash back. If a portal site offers 10% cash back, you earn $1.25 no matter how many points you redeem.

Please note that SYWR points have expiration dates. They are various. In general, base points and MAX or Sears CC bonus are valid for one year. Points earned through promotions and by using coupons are valid for 90 days from the date you earned them. And some points are valid for much shorter period. You can check the expiration date of your point at shopyourway.com.

sywr points details


I think Shop Your Way Rewards is the best loyalty rewards program because of the volume of points you can earn. None of other programs don’t give you back that much. Some “Member Exclusive” items give you back enough points to make items virtually free. It is fun to buy only those items over and over. And you may obtain VIP status before you know it. And the benefits of VIP makes the program even greater!

Earn 3X Rewards from Moosejaw thru Nov 2

3x rewards moosejawThrough November 2nd, Moosejaw offers 30% back in point on the purchases of regular priced items, 15% back on sales priced items. A maximum of 50,000 bonus points ($500 moosejaw credit) can be earned on the the code “3XREWARD“.  The points cannot be earned on Gift Cards, Patagonia, Western Mountaineering, GoPro, Garmin, Suunto, Kuhl, and Marmot. You can use the code only once.

In addition to bonus points, it is great time to upgrade VIP status of Moosejaw Rewards. Highest VIP status, EVEREST, offer 100% bonus on base points you earn anytime in the next year. I have already earned EVEREST. When I buy regular priced items during 3X rewards promotion, I will earn 40% back in point. Read this post for more details.

Don’t forget to visit shopping portal site. They offer relatively high cash back rate on the purchases at Moosejaw. The highest rate is 10% from ShopDiscover, or Active Junky.

Get Elite Plus Status | My Best Buy Reviews

my best buyBest Buy has its own rewards program called My Best Buy. It’s free to join. You can earn 1 point on every dollar you spend both online and in-store. The value of point is $0.02. You can redeem them in 250 pt (=$5) increments. So, it’s 2% back.

Earn reward on gift card purchases, but not on redemption

It is very easy to collect the points because you can earn the points on purchases of not only regular merchandises but also Gift Cards, Phone Cards, Prepaid Cards, etc. You can even earn the points on the purchase of Best Buy Gift Cards. However, you won’t get the points when you redeem Best Buy gift cards. If you buy $299 digital camera and pay with $100 gift card and credit card, you will earn 199 pt.

VIP Status

There are two levels of VIP status, Elite and Elite Plus. You will reach Elite status by spending $1500 in a calendar year, Elite Plus by spending $3500. Same here, the purchase of gift cards is a qualified spending for VIP Status, but the redemption of gift cards is not. Here is a comparison of VIPs and Basic status.


  • Get 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Free Standard Shipping on purchases $35 or more at BestBuy.com
  • 15-Day Return & Exchange Promise


  • Get a 10% point bonus (1.1 point for every dollar spent)
  • Free Shipping and Free Scheduled Delivery on all online purchases
  • 30-Day Extended Return & Exchange Promise

Elite Plus

  • Get a 25% point bonus (1.25 point for every dollar spent)
  • Free Expedited Shipping and Free Scheduled Delivery all online purchases
  • 45-Day Extended Return & Exchange Promise

All gift cards and prepaid cards are excluded from all bonus point promotions unless otherwise noted. Bonus points will not be multiplied

How to Earn VIP Status Quickly and Easily

visa gift card at best buyThe benefits of VIP Status is valuable. Base reward and 25% bonus account for 2.5% back in Best Buy reward certificate. Free shipping on all order is helpful because most of the popular items are not always available for a pickup in your area. 45 days is enough time to test and evaluate products. Whether you are a frequent buyer or shopping several times a year, you should get highest Elite Plus status because you can get very quickly and easily by purchasing Visa gift card at Best Buy Stores.

Again, you can earn reward points on the purchase of gift cards. Currently, Best Buy sells three different designs of Visa GCs in stores. They all charge $5.95 purchase fee. And you can choose an amount to load between $20 and $200. If you buy one $200 Visa GC, you will earn 205 pt, which is worth $4.10. If you use a reward credit card, you will earn at least 1% cash back = $2.00. The points and cash back totally cover a purchase fee.

Best Buy is a very MS-friendly store. I’ve purchased at five different stores, and none of them refused me to use a credit card. Probably, there is a limit you can buy at a time. I have once bought three Visa GCs in a single transaction without any problem.

Visa GCs from Best Buy is issued by MetaBank, which is the same issuer of ones from Staples. So, you can load BlueBird and Serve with them at Walmart.

Best Credit Card for Best Buy Purchase

As long as I know, there are two credit cards that have bonus on the purchases at Best Buy. One is US Bank Cash+ Visa. If you choose Electronics Store for 5% cash back bonus, you can earn 5% cash back on up to $2000 spent every quarter. The other is Citi Dividend. Its 4th quarter of cash back bonus usually has Best Buy in category. You can earn 5% cash back on up to $6000 spent.

How Long Does the Status Last?

Once you get VIP status, it lasts a full of the same year and the next year. It will expire on the end of February of the following year. For example, if you become Elite Plus in July, 2014, the status will expire on February 28th, 2016. If you spend $3500 in 2015, the status continues until February, 2017.


While most loyalty reward programs exclude gift card purchases from earning their reward, My Best Buy allows to earn a reward by purchasing gift cards. This makes it easy to get VIP status by purchasing Visa GCs in store. If you have credit cards that have bonus on Best Buy purchases, you will get several-hundreds-dollar worth of product for free every year!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Moosejaw Rewards and Coupons

moosejaw rewardsMoosejaw was founded in 1992 in Keego Harbor, Michigan. They sell outdoor clothes and gears. Since there are no local stores in the area I live (NY), I shop online. I have been a customer for more than three years and made many purchases. The reason I keep coming back and shop is its great loyalty rewards program, Moosejaw Rewards.


  • Earn 10 points for every dollar on regular priced items
  • Earn 5 points for every dollar on discounted priced items
  • Purchase of gift cards is not eligible for the reward

You can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, (except for gift cards and 5 points for sales items). 1 points is worth 1 cent. Reward points can be redeemed at “rewards.moosejaw.com”. Probably, there are a little fewer items for rewards redemption than a regular online store, but they have many items from major brand. I believe you can find what you want in Moosejaw Rewards.

moosejaw rewards vip statusVIP Status

  • Earn 5000 points in calendar year, 25% bonus on every purchase (Aconcagua)
  • Earn 10000 points in calendar year, 50% bonus on every purchase (Denali)
  • Earn 15000 points in calendar year, 75% bonus on every purchase (K2)
  • Earn 20000 points in calendar year, 100% bonus on every purchase (Everest)

If you spend $500 today, you don’t only earn 5000 points, but also obtain the first VIP status, “Aconcagua.” From your next purchase, you will earn 12.5 points for every dollar. In Moosejaw Rewards, VIP program is called “High Altitude Bonus”, and there are four VIP statuses. The highest mountain VIP status is “Everest.” 100% bonus means you will earn 20 point for every dollar you spend. Again, 1 point=1 cent, thus you get 20% back! VIP status you earn will be valid until the end of the next year.

How to Earn VIP Status Efficiently

A great offer which Moosejaw gives is not only the rewards program but also many useful coupons. One of coupons I use every time it’s available is “3XREWARD.”(it is available several times throughout the year) Literally, you can earn 3x reward points. Say, you are in VIP status “Aconcague” and make a purchase of $500. You earn 5000*3 and 25% bonus of 1250, 16250 points in total. Even if this is the first purchase of the year, you will earn VIP status of “K2″ with only one transaction!

High Rate of Cash Back from Portals

Moosejaw pays good cash back to shopping portals. The best rate is ShopDiscover 10%. During ShopDiscover’s promotion, the rate goes up 15%! If you don’t have Discover credit cards and can’t access to ShopDiscover, visit ActiveJunky.com. It is a free-to-join shopping portal and offers between 7% to 9% cash back.

With All Combined….

I’m in VIP status of “Everest”. When I shop with a coupon “3XREWARD” through shopping portal, ShopDiscover:

  • Earn 30% back in point with a coupon
  • Earn 10% back in point for High Altitude Bonus (100% bonus of a base point)
  • Earn 10% cash back from ShopDiscover
  • Earn 1% cash back from credit card reward

It is more than 50% off deal!


Basic Moosejaw Rewards (10% back) is already great. Plus, you can get VIP Status to earn more reward points. And obtaining VIP status is easy with “3XREWARD” coupon. ShopDiscover pays 10% cash back, and I have never had a problem with it. The “3XREWARD” coupon is available quite often. You can check currently available coupons below.

Plink Shut Down, All Points Are Gone

I received email that tells Plink shut down. Nothing lasts forever, but my concern (probably all Plink users’ concern) is what happens to points we had. I sent email about it, and I received the following message in a second.

Thank you for contacting Plink. We are sorry, but no more points can be redeemed.

Plink was officially closed on Sept 11, 2014. Unfortunately, no staff remains to answer emails.

Team Plink

It seems that it is an automated email. I’m very disappointed. The last email and their current website say “Any further questions can be directed to support@plink.com. “, but they had no intention to give a costumer support. All they did was set up an automated answering email.

plink rewards programI was a new member of Plink. I had 4900 points when they shut down, and that was my lifetime points. I had never redeemed the points. I wanted to see what would happen when I earned more than 5000 points and how many points they needed for $50 or $100 gift cards. I was expecting that I could get some discount such as 4750 points for $50 gift card, but when my points reached 4900, $50 gift card stayed unlocked (not redeemable). So, at this time I learned there was no discount. It might have had, but it would have been less than 100 points ($1). It was not much worth, so I decided that I would redeem the point when my points got over 5000.

However, they haven’t posted points since August 15th. I made five transactions at Advance Auto Parts since then. It was worth 2000 points. Plus, Plink was even offering a promotion last month, which you could earn extra 25% bonus points for Advance Auto Parts purchases. Some transactions were made during this promotion.

As I said earlier, nothing lasts forever. But when things went bad, they could have done something such as sending a notice, instead of shutting down all of a sudden. What I’m angry about is that they were offering a promotion in the last minutes!

At least, it gives me a lesson. It is better to redeem off as soon as it gets available in case of a sudden closure. Starting with a similar program, ShopKick, you can redeem for a gift card in as little as $2 increment.

And Chime Card, (it is totally different reward program.) The new rule will be implemented on Oct 8th. They will probably start charging a fee to load Chime with PayPal debit card. I have been using the card without a problem, but new offers haven’t been added this week. What is going to happened to this program?