Chime Card offers are back

I got notification of Chime app on my cell phone today. I opened the app and checked it. It turns out to be for the transaction I made several days ago. Soon, I noticed that the app looked different. It looks more stylish and newer than before. (It may be just my imagination. I haven’t opened the app for a month or two.) I checked “Rewards” and found some offers are available.

As long as I remember, all offers disappeared on some day in March. The page of Rewards had been blank on both full website and mobile app since then. The following offers are available in my account. (I can only see the offers in the mobile app. The full website is still blank.)

chime offers are back

….well. None of them interests me. But I hope they will continue to update new offers as they used to. Anyway, I’m glad that Chime is still active.

If you don’t know about Chime card, please click here.