How to Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network

Fuel Reward Network (FRN) is a reward program. It is redeemable at Shell only, but you can earn FRN rewards in lots of places and various ways. FRN rewards are given in the form of cents-per-gallon. You can redeem for up to 20 gallons at the pump. For example, $0.35 in FRN reward can save up to $7.00 (=0.35*20.) The rewards you earn in different times and places will be combined in your account, and then you can redeem all at once. If you have lots of rewards, let’s say $5.00, you can use it and get 20 gallons of gas for almost free. Due to some kind of rules, you can’t make it completely free. You still have to pay a few cents per gallon. It’s free to join.

Ways to Earn FRN Rewards

Shop Online – FRN has an online shopping portal. Shopping through the portal lets you earn the rewards. The rates of reward vary by merchants. Basic rate is 5¢/gal on every $50 purchase, and it’s described as “1X.” Since 5¢/gal is worth up to $1.00 (=$0.05*20), “1X” is equivalent to 2% cash back. There are over 700 merchants. You may find your favorite merchants. However, the rates of most merchants are not as good as other major shopping portals, such as Befrugal, TopCashback. For that reason, I don’t buy through the FRN portal now.

American Express Gift Card – Sometime in 2014, FRN portal offered 2X on American Express Gift Card purchase. It was the best rate of all back then. One day, the offer was downgraded from 2X to 1X, and after a little while, it disappeared. It came back once and disappeared again. At the time of writing this article, The best offer for AmEx GCs is 1.5% cash back from Befrugal. If FRN offer for AmEx GCs returns, and even if it is 1X, I will buy through FRN portal because the rate is slightly better.

Dine Out – Link your credit/debit cards to FRN account. When you pay with them at participate restaurants, you will earn 10¢/gal for every $50 you spend. You don’t have to spend more than $50 in a single transaction. FRN track your expense and accumulate. Once it reaches $50, they give you the reward. If you have a credit card that offer bonus cash back or point for an expense at restaurants, link and use it. You can earn not only FRN rewards but also bonus rewards from your credit card.

Grocery Stores & Other Participants – You can earn FRN reward with your everyday purchases at participating grocery stores and other participants. Basically, the offer for a grocery store is 5¢/gal for every $50 you spend. But some stores and participants offer the reward differently. So, you should check what stores is FRN participants in your area and how they give you rewards. Even if you don’t find any stores in your area, you still can earn the rewards in other ways.

Promotions – There are always some promotions to earn additional rewards. Those rules vary, but most of them are MasterCard offers. When you use linked MasterCard in-store or online where a promotion is ongoing, you will earn additional rewards. I like MasterCard promotions because you could earn multiple rewards in a single transaction. For example, the promotion, “Earn 20¢/gal for every $100 you spend at Toys R Us,” 20¢/gal is already a great deal. It’s like 4% cash back. And you will earn credit card’s rewards, too. On the top of that, if you shop online, you will also earn the reward from shopping portals. You don’t have to use FRN shopping portal. As I mentioned, FRN shopping portal’s rate isn’t great. offers only 1X (=2% back.) If you shop through Upromise, you will earn 5% cash back. As long as you use linked MasterCard, you earn FRN rewards even when you shop through any shopping portals.

3¢ FRN Member Rewards

Even when there is no reward in your account, you will get 3¢/gal discount with the FRN card. If you have $0.01, $0.04/gal is available. If you have $0.02, $0.05/gal. If you have $0.03 or more, you will redeem the same amount you have. This offer plans to end in December, 2015.

Sign Up Bonus

Sign up through this link. You will earn 20¢/gal bonus after you first use an FRN card to fill up at Shell or earn the first FRN reward through the programs. Offer ends on March 1, 2015.

2 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Gas with Fuel Rewards Network

  1. Any idea how to link FRN with SYWR?
    ‘Add Card’ under GROCERY AND OTHER CARDS/ACCOUNTS only has FRN instant rewards.


    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.
      It used to show all supermarket and SYWR cards in a drop-down list.
      Please contact FRN.
      There are no participating supermarkets and Kmart in my area.

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