Six Chime Offers for Your Cell Phone

There are currently 6 Chime offers for your cell phone. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Metro PCS. All of them offer $5 store credit. This type of offers don’t require minimum spending. When you spend $5, $5 will be back to your Chime account. If you don’t know about Chime, click here to see details.

six chime offer for your cell phone

I use Boost Mobile. You can pay monthly payment online with debit or credit cards. You can also purchase prepaid cards (called “Reboost” cards) in stores or online and then add money to your account at

First, I tried to add $5, but the amount have to be between $10 and $200. So, I typed $10 and proceeded. On the next page, it showed that I would be charged sales tax. They always charge sale tax. What you buy a Reboost card in stores, such as Staples and Target, it’s also subject to sales tax. Basically, you have to pay sales tax for Reboost, except for this way.

reboost with chime

I paid the total $10 + tax. I expected an instant notification from Chime that tells me I earned $5 credit. However, the notification I received was that simply I paid $10.89, and there is no $5 credit. It seems that “Reboost” is not a qualified spending for Chime Offer.

reboost with chime2

Similar thing happened to the offer for Best Buy. It was “$5 back when you spend $50 or more.” First, I purchased an E-gift card, but there is no credit. Then I checked out a physical gift card. And I instantly received $5 credit.

best buy e gift card no chime credit

I hope Chime would make detailed terms and condition of each offer.

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