Month: August 2015

PayPal Extras MasterCard Back to School Promotion

New promotion on PayPal Extras MasterCard, it’s “earn $10 statement credit for $50 or more purchase, maximum $30 statement credit.”

So, you need to make three transactions of at least $50 to earn the statement credit. There is no restriction, such as “PayPal transactions are excluded.” So, eBay, online, in-store purchases, all transactions will be eligible for this promotion.

paypal extras mastercard back to school promo

It has to be activated by click a link in an email as usual.

You should activate and make eligible purchases by 08/31/2015.

I’d like to spend the exact amount of $50 to optimize this offer. So, probably I will buy gift cards. I am thinking which one to buy. It’s better to buy gift cards that you can’t usually get much discount, such as gas cards, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, etc…

Costco doesn’t accept MasterCard credit cards in-store but does accept online. If I make online purchases of three $50 Costco gift cards and then use them in-store, it’s like 20% discount on the next $150 purchase at Costco.

Since I still have time to redeem, I will try to come up with a new approach to take advantage of this offer.