Credit of Chime Card Posted with Delay

Several days ago, I paid cell phone bill with Chime card to redeem the offer, “Get $5 instant cash back when you pay with your Chime Card.” I made an transation, but no credit was posted. And today, I see the credit posted in my account. If you don’t know about Chime, click here to see details of Chime Prepaid Card.

I use Boost Mobile. It’s prepaid phone. Every month, money is deducted from your account. By a due date, you need to add money (it’s called Reboost) with debit/credit cards, cash in-store, or by purchasing prepaid cards and redeem them online. Minimum amount for Reboost is $10. So, I paid $10 + tax with Chime card on January 18th. (read the post “Six Chime Offers for Your Cell Phone“)

From my experience, Chime credits were always posted at the same time as checkout. However, the credit wasn’t posted this time. I thought it was not a qualifying purchase and just gave up on the $5.

And today, I had a chance to redeem the other offer and glanced at the transaction history of my Chime card. Then I found that $5 credit for Reboost had been posted. I checked emails, but I couldn’t find “Chime Time! You just saved $xxx” email. So, I don’t know when it was posted.

credit of chime card posted in delay

It’s not really good manner because you can’t tell if a transaction you just made is qualified for the offer or not. But at least, it’s good to know that Chime credits are not always posted right away.

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