eBay Deals *6% off eBay Gift Code*

ebay gift cardLast week, it was 15% off Sears gift cards (it ended.) Starting today, eBay offers 6% off eBay gift code. The deal is only for the denomination of $100 gift code. There are no terms and conditions in the listing. But when I entered more than 2 in the box of quantity, the message showed up. “Purchases are limited to 1 per buyer.”

6 percent off ebay gift cardI’d better not use another eBay account to buy more GCs. That may probably be against their policy, and they would cancel all orders just like it happened to me two weeks ago.

So, I purchased one code with one of my eBay account. The delivery was fast. Within 15 minutes, I received an email with the gift code in my PayPal registered email address.

You can buy eBay GCs with eBay GCs. If you want a physical card, you can buy it later.

Hurry! I guess the deal won’t last so long. The rate of discount is a far less than Sears GCs, but eBay GCs are much more versatile and valuable. As you can see, it says, “Almost Gone.”

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