Visa Holiday Gift Card available online now at Target

visa holiday gift card at targetI have been checking the site since I spotted new Visa gift cards at Until last night, there had been the listings with no details. And they were out of stock. And last night, it appeared to be available. To know if it was in stock, I simply clicked an add-to-cart button. The card was added in the shopping cart. It means that Visa Holiday GCs have started being for sale. I went back to the page and checked the details of the card with hope that there were some promotions. But, still nothing (no description at all.)

I went back to the shopping cart to remove the GC, but I found something very strange in the cart.

  • subtotal: $100
  • estimated shipping: Free
  • tax: not yet calculated
  • your total: $100

Where is a $6 purchase fee? Will I get Visa GCs with $0 purchase fee? Is this a part of the promotion or just an error?

no fee visa gift card at targetI proceeded to checkout. The final page (one click away from completing an order) showed the same. The total was $100. I added another one ($50 Holiday GC) and completed an order.

It could be just an error. I thought Target would cancel the order. However, I received an email of the shipping confirmation. The cards are on the way!

And I check the site tonight. Target charges a purchase fee now. I don’t know whether it was a mistake or promotion, but I don’t care. I do care that I should have bought more GCs last night.

GCs from Target can’t be use for Walmart swipe reload (to BlueBird/Serve). But Family Dollar accepts these GCs.

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