10% off Sears Gift Card still available on eBay

I received email on Oct 22nd, and it said “Today Only.” But the deal has existed since then. 10% Discount Sears Gift Card on eBay. Limit two $100 GCs or one $200 GC per person.

The description says “Purchase limit ….. per eBay user ID.” This made me think it would be OK to buy more than $200 GCs with multiple eBay IDs. So I purchased (8) $100 GCs in total with my four different IDs. Hours later, I received warning messages to all my eBay accounts. (see details here)

Today, I received email from PayPal that told me Giftcardmall had issued a refund. As you see, there are four emails. eBay canceled each transaction of each ID.

10 percent off sears gc cancelationpaypal refund on sears gc

As long as I can tell, you can’t buy more than $200 Sears GC during the promotion with multiple IDs and ONE PayPal account. I don’t know if you can buy more when you use different PayPal addresses as well as eBay user IDs.

My question is “now that all transactions are canceled, can I buy just one $200 Sears GCs?” I tried to purchase, but there is an error message, “Unfortunately, these items are not available. They may have been purchased already or the item listing has expired”

error on ebay

Now I know I had lost the deal, and it’s not retrievable. If you haven’t bought yet, don’t try to buy more than the limit or lost all deals.

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