More Discount Now! 15% off Sears Gift Card on eBay

15 percent discount sears gift cardSince Oct 22nd, eBay is offering a good deal on Sears gift cards. Until yesterday, the discount was 10%, but it is more discount now.

$100 Sears gift card for $85, limit 2 cards

or (maybe “and”)

$200 Sears gift card for $170, limit 1 card

Both are 15% off!

In its listing page, it’s described “limit…. per eBay user ID.” But don’t use multiple IDs to purchase GCs more than the limit. It is against eBay policy, and they will cancel all orders. (see details here)

I did it myself and got cancel all my orders. After money had been refunded, I tried to purchase yesterday. But the error message popped up. It seemed eBay recorded I had already purchased although it got canceled. (see details here)

However, there is no error message today. I guess eBay consider today’s item (Sears GC) is different from the item being sold until yesterday.

Anyway, I was able to check out $200 GC. The time of writing this post, several hours have past. I haven’t gotten any warning message from eBay.

And, maybe I can buy more. When I add $100 GC to the card, there is no error message. The listing doesn’t say “the limit is $200″, but “limit 1 or 2 per eBay user ID” on each listing page. I guess eBay considers these two items as different items. So, maybe I can buy another $200 (2 x $100 GCs).

I didn’t check out, though. To be safe, I will wait till the $200 GC is shipped. The deal may be going to end by then, but I just don’t want another problem.

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