400 TRG VGC Online

Recently, $200 VGCs are spotted in my local stores. And I have seen only one $400 VGC once. TRG VGC’s denominations are $25, 50, 100, 200, and 400. Purchase fees of $100, $200, and $400 are the same, $6. If I buy $400 VGC with my 2% cash back credit card (Citi Double Cash), I would earn a slight profit. It’s only $2.12.

However, Double cash tends to decline large purchases. I used to use the card for redbird reloads, and there used to be no problem if the amount was less than $250. But now, it declines even $200 reload. So, I came to conclusion that $2.12 profit was not worth a try. And I put back $400 VGC in a shelf and left the store. (I put it back all the behind of the other gift cards to hide just in case I change my mind or want to see it again, etc.)

Days later, I checked website and found $200 and $400 VGCs available. Surprisingly, 5% discount is applied on this purchase. I checked out three $400 VGCs with redbird. The total is $1157.10. In an hour, I received a confirmation email. I’m waiting for the next email for shipping.

TRG VGCs have the same feature as Vanilla VGCs. You can’t register your name and address. All you can do is assign ZIP code. I have used Vanilla VGC for redbird reload once. So, TRG VGCs can also be used as long as stores allow reloads with prepaid cards.

I don’t know how long this deal continues, but TRG MCGCs 5% discount is still going since November, 2014. (You can make a profit with MCGCs because the highest denomination is $100.)  I hope it continues for a long time as well.

Updated 04/06/2015

5% off deal seems to be ended. Last weekend, $400 and $200 VGC was both sold out in the website. And today, I found they were available. I tried to check out, but I noticed 5% discount wasn’t applied. I checked MCGC and found out that they were also no discount. I bought seven $400 VGC during this promo (or error?) I was a little too optimistic that this promo would continue much longer because MCGC had been continuing for months. I should have bought more.


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