Welcome to Ways to Save Money when Shopping website. This site is for those who wants to save money in creative, strategic, and painless ways. Sacrificing something for saving is painful. Eating out less, Switching everyday items to non-brand’s, Downgrade a trip on vacation. Doing these can save money, but It is hard to continue because there is no fun. What I do and show in this website is totally opposite. Buy whatever you need, but when you buy something, you always need to compare prices between merchants and look for a coupon to get a discount. And paying by credit card that offers cash back will give you back 1% or more later on.

Gift cards are very useful items when it comes to money saving. A lot of unwanted gift cards are sold online for less price than their face value. A discount on the gift card will be a discount on your purchase. You can still use coupons. If a retailer has a reward program, sign up and boost your saving.

You will probably not be only a buyer of gift cards, but you would be also a seller of gift cards. Most of the reward credit cards offer a sign up bonus. It is a one-time deal, like “Earn $100 cash back when you spend $2000 within 3 months after signing up.” Some gift cards are very popular and rare. These gift cards can be sold at almost the same price or even higher than their face value. Selling these gift cards help you earn a sign up bonus quickly and efficiently. It’s important to make some research and plans before an application, and you have to take good care of your credit score.

Gasoline is also a target of this website. There are many reward programs helping you save gas money. Not long ago, before I knew of any reward programs, what I used to do is search the cheapest price by a cell phone app and ended up pumping at non-brand gas stations. But now, I don’t really care about a tiny difference of prices because a discount from the reward programs I’m using is huge!

In this website, you will see the information from my experience. I’m actually doing things written in articles. They are verified. I try to describe each of them as detailed as possible. You can find them in blog posts. The methods are what I acquired in the last only a few years. I will get more credit cards in the future, and always try to find new ways to save money. Whenever I have new information, I will update in the blog posts. I hope this site will help you save money.

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