Target Visa Gift Card Tips and Tricks

target visa gc package

Target sells gift cards online. They sell not only their own GC, but also other store’s GC and Visa GC. I added Visa GC to the cart and choose Target REDcard as a payment method to see if REDcard-5%-discount would apply on the purchase. The result was NO. The discount DOES apply on other store’s GCs, but NOT on Visa or Target GCs. When I was doing this research, I noticed that I might be able to choose Target GC as payment for the purchase of GCs. I could check the box next to Target GC, and there was no error message so far. But I didn’t have any Target GC so I couldn’t go further at that moment.

Soon, I went to and searched for Target GC. I found many 4% to 5% off gift cards. I bought 2 e-gift cards at and immediately tried to use it.

It was successful!

buy visa gc with target gc

I was able to buy a Visa GC with Target GCs.

At, the highest denomination of Visa GC is $100, and it charges $6 fee. Although I used Target GCs I got only 4.5% off, I didn’t lose money in overall transactions. Because:

  • I bought $106 Target GC for $101.23 (+$4.77)
  • gives 1% cash back on purchases at (+$1.01)
  • 1% cash back from credit card (+$1.01)

Total $6.79 covers a purchase fee of Visa GC!

cash back from visa gc at costcoThis isn’t the only discovery about Target Visa GC. The GC arrived a week later. On the same day, I went to Costco and see if I could get cash back at the register. I bought two $25 Costco Cash Cards. I swiped the GC and enter the PIN. And then a button that said, “20” appeared on a touch panel of card reader. I press the button and a cashier gave $20 in cash.

target visa gift card tips and tricksAlthough the description on the small paper card inside the package of the GC (“When swiping the card, always select credit, not debit, since there is no PIN”), a card reader wouldn’t let me choose between credit or debit. It just prompted me to enter a PIN. Whatever the 4-digit numbers you enter for the first time will be the PIN of your Target Visa GC. If you forget the PIN, go to You can reset, and 4-digit numbers you will enter next time will be a new PIN. All these information can be found in the website. You can also check the balance, view transaction history, and assign the zip code in this website.

I bought $200 Visa GC at in the same way. It is still on the way. When I receive it, I will try to get cash back at the register. And I will order another Target Visa GC and try to get cash back at different stores. I will need lots of Target and Staples GCs!

Updated July 7th 2014, cash back with purchase won’t be successful. I don’t know if it is not accepted anywhere, but at least not at Costco, where it used to be accepted.

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