Experiment on BeFrugal.com Cash Back from Cardpool

BeFrugal.com is one of my favorite online portals. It is very reliable and clear about cash back rules for each retailer. It has over 4000 retailers including some gift card exchange sites such as Cardpool, CardCash, and Raise.com. I have been earning 2% cash back on the purchases of gift cards from them without any problems, but one day I didn’t receive one from Cardpool. Apparently, I reached the limit. Here is the rule of cash back from Cardpool.

  • Terms & Exclusions for Cardpool:
  • 2% Cash Back on Purchase of a Gift Card
  • 4% Cash Back on Sale of A Gift Card to Cardpool
  • Cash Back only available for the first $1000 in transactions from your Cardpool account (this includes all history in your Cardpool account)

I had bought a lot of gift cards from Cardpool before I knew of BeFrugal.com. I haven’t earned the full cash back ($20 to $40) on the total purchases of $1000, but it stopped giving cash back. That means it doesn’t matter if you earned the full cash back, once the total purchases from Cardpool hit $1000, you won’t get cash back from them anymore.

befrugal com cash back from cardpool

I carried out an experiment: If I open a new account at Cardpool.com, will I get cash back on the purchase of another $1000? I use a different email address and set a password. That’ it. And then I bought some gift cards from Cardpool through a link of BeFrugal.com. I can’t change my address. I even used the same payment method.

Success! It is still pending, but cash back showed up in my account.

befrugal cash back cardpool

CardCash.com has the same rule for cash back. Once it hit the total purchases of $1000, I will open a new account and see if cash back is available on another purchase of $1000. Raise.com doesn’t have a description about the limit. So, probably cash back from Raise is unlimited.

All you need is a different email address. In this way, you can practically earn unlimited cash back from Cardpool and CardCash.