Recent AmexGC purchases via TopCashback

TopCashback has canceled cashback on my two transactions made at the end of October. Both orders were (5) $200 GCs with a promo code that waive $3.95 purchase fee (of all GCs).

On the other hand, I made four transactions of a single $200 GC with a promo code at the beginning of October. These are for redeeming Amex Offer ($10 statement credit for the purchase $200 or more Amex GCs.) Each cashback for these four transactions is confirmed.

clawback amex gc cashback

I’m not sure of the reason for cancellation of cashback. Did the promo code cause it? If so, why were four transactions eligible for cashback? Did purchasing a large amount cause it although a denomination of each card was $200?

In either way, the cashback deal on Amex GC purchase is over. No promo code, no deal. 1.5% cashback doesn’t even cover a $3.95 purchase fee. Even if a promo code works, but you need to buy only one $200 at a time, you will have to make so many transactions. And I believe that Amex doesn’t want you to do that, either.

I made the same transaction ($200 x 5 with promo code) on November 9th. There is pending cashback for this purchase, but it will be canceled in a few days, I guess.

pending cashback on amex gc purchase

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