PayPal Extras MasterCard Extra Bonus Rewards Offer

I received a new offer for PayPal Extras MasterCard. A type of offer is an extra bonus point with a purchase.

paypal offer


You can earn one extra point for every dollar spent through April 30th. It includes PayPal and eBay purchases.

  • 3X points for every dollar at gas stations and restaurants are now 4X
  • 2X points for every dollar at PayPal and eBay are now 3X
  • 1X points for every dollar on all other purchases are now 2X


Extra bonus points you can earn through this offer is capped at only 2200 pts.


As usual, you need to activate the offer by clicking a link in the email to earn bonus points.

paypal extras mastercard extra bonus rewards offer


This offer is not exciting. Any types of promos that offers extra bonus points aren’t really great. That’s because there is a limit of reward points you can earn in a year (50000 pts.) Besides, a maximum bonus points you can earn through this promo is only 2200 pts. However, the email implies that there will be another offer the following month. I expect the other types of offers for the next one, like statement credit or gift card.


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