Newegg Free $5 Promotional Gift Card Offer and Amex Offer

newegg gift card promoNewegg offers free promotional gift card when you purchase physical Newegg GCs. Get $5 promotional GC with purchase of $25 (limit 2), $50 (limit 1), and $100 (limit 1) Newegg GCs. Newegg charges $1.99 for shipping. When I added two $25 GCs to the cart, the shipping cost was $2.99. And then I added $50 and $100 GCs. The shipping cost was still $2.99. So, the total is $202.99, and you will get the total $20 promotional GCs. Promotional GCs will be emailed four days after invoice.

If you haven’t redeemed Amex Offer “Get $25 statement credit for $200 or more purchases by 12/31/2014,” it’s a good time to use your American Express card. Once you buy GCs (redeem Amex offer), you don’t have to worry about a deadline or minimum purchase.

Newegg is an online retailer of computer hardware and software. But, they also sell games, cell phones, watches, apparel, tools, etc. You can redeem Newegg GCs for their merchandises. In case you don’t find any items of your interest, there always is an option to buy third party e-GCs with Newegg GCs. Click here to see the list of retailers of 3rd party GCs at

You may also pick any free-after-rebate items. You can find something that is free-after-rebate anytime. Mostly, you receive Visa GCs as a form of a rebate.

There are many options to liquidate Newegg GCs. So, whenever this type of offer is available, you should redeem it.

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