How to Maximize Kmart Gas Rewards

I like Shop Your Way (SYW) very much. SYW is a loyalty program for Sears, Kmart, and Lands End shoppers. Basically, when you purchase at these stores or online, you can earn 1% back in SYW points. Sometimes, you get multiplied points with coupons, special offers, etc. And Kmart offers another reward for SYW members to shop in stores.

Spend $50 or more and get a gas coupon to save 30¢ per gallon up to 20 gallons

shop your way gas rewards

To get the coupon, you need to spend at least $50 in a single transaction. If your total is less than $50, you can add some gift cards to your shopping cart. Although the purchases of gift cards are not eligible for SYW reward points, a gas coupon is printed out of a cash register automatically. This happens even when you buy only $50 gift card. You don’t get SYW point on the purchase of gift cards, but you get a save-30¢-per-gallon coupon, which is equivalent of $6 off of your gas purchase.

Kmart has a good selection of gift cards. You can probably find gift cards you need. They sell gas gift cards, too. My local Kmart prints out a gas coupon for BP. So you buy $50 BP gas card and get the coupon, and then redeem both of them at BP gas station right away.

If you usually shop a lot (more than $50) at Kmart, you should buy a $50 Kmart or Sears gift card every time you visit the store. And then use the gift card for the purchase of regular items. You spend only $50, but you get TWO gas coupons in this way. Please make sure to separate the transactions (purchase of gift card and regular items) to receive two coupons.

If you shop at Kmart moderately (less than $50), you should add Variable Load Kmart gift card to your shopping cart. You can choose any amount to make the total purchase more than $50. When you shop at Kmart next time, you can use the gift card and buy another Kmart gift card to make it to $50. By doing this every time, you always get a gas coupon.

shop your way rewards card kmart versionNote that you need to be an SYW member to receive the coupon. And please don’t forget to have your SYW member card scanned every check-out. Otherwise, cash register won’t print out the coupon.

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