Earn $15 E-Gift Card thru PayPal Extras Offer in May


paypal extras offer free $15 gift card

You can earn $15 e-gift card of your choice when you spend $50 or more with PayPal Extras MasterCard between May 1st and May 31st.

Available e-gift cards

paypal extras offer your choice of a e-gift card

There are five store’s e-gift cards available to choose. Since the email I receive has only three images of gift cards, I almost overlooked. There are Amazon and Omaha Steaks, too.

  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Lowe’s
  • Omaha Steaks
  • AMC

Activation Required

As usual, you will need to activate the offer by clicking a link in the email, prior to purchase.

Father’s Day Promo? What happened to Mother’s Day?

As you see in the email, it seems like a Father’s Day promotion, which is coming more than a month later. What happened to Mother’s Day, which is coming in a week. Why did they skip? Or maybe I didn’t receive a targeted offer.


It’s easy and a great deal. All you need to spend $50 or more in a single transaction. There is no requirement of stores, categories, whatsoever. Don’t forget to activate the offer by clicking a link in the email.

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