Cyber Week Gift Card Deals on eBay

In this cyber week, there are a lot of gift card deals on eBay. Even if a deal is not for the card for stores you are not really interested, just buy the cards and sell them to gift card exchange sites, and you can make a little money.

For example, Gap. This week, eBay sells $100 Gap gift card (email delivery) for $80. Limit to 2 per person. It is 20% discount deal!. Gap gift card is relatively popular. So, you can expect a good price for sale.

You can check the price and find the best offer at When I typed “gap” in the search box, there were four hits, “Baby Gap” “Gap” “Gap Kids” and “Gap Option.” You can use all these gift cards at Gap. It’s very interesting that they deal with them separately and offer different prices.

The best rate is 82.5% from Monster Gift Card for selling “Gap” gift card. There is one problem, though. They don’t accept e-gift card (e-code). To work around this, you may need to find the sites that allow you to sell e-codes. Cardpool, ABC Gift Cards, and GifCards accept e-codes of selected stores. While Cardpool and ABC Gift Cards accept e-codes at less price by 5% (of face value of GCs), GiftCards offer the same price as physical GCs. The rate of GiftCards for Gap GC is 80.5%.

If you sell two $100 e-gift cards, the profit will be only $1. It would be OK, considering eBay Bucks you earned and cash back or reward from credit card that links to your PayPal account. I used eBay GCs for Gap e-gift cards purchase, which I bought with 10% discount earlier. However, I’d like to make the maximum profit.

From my experience, the store’s GCs, which the sites (Cardpool, ABC Gift Cards, or GiftCards) accept both physical and electrical GCs, may have special features. For examples, you can combine all Target GCs with mobile app. You can also consolidate Best Buy GCs by purchasing a brand new Best Buy GC. And it works with Gap GCs as well.

Gap GCs can be redeemed at not only Gap but also Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, Athleta. It means you can buy other store’s GCs with Gap e-codes. So, I needed to go back to and check the rate again.

  • Gap 82.5% Monster Gift Card
  • Old Navy 82% Monster Gift Card
  • Banana Republic 81.5% Monster Gift Card
  • Piperlime 80% Monster Gift Card, Junkcard, Cardpool, ABC Gift Cards, Gift Card Zen
  • Athleta 80.5% GiftCards

After all, Monster Gift Card’s 82.5% for Gap GC is the best. I went to and checked out a $200 Gap GC. This comes with a decent gift card case.

gap gift card with case

I bought $200 GC for $160 on eBay and sold for $165. I paid $160 with eBay GC that I bought with 10% discount. The total profit is at least $21. Plus, eBay Bucks and you may have earned cash back from a shopping portal site for e-code purchase on eBay. And you may also find a portal site that pays out cash back for Gap GC purchases at, but don’t abuse on this one.

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