25 Days, 25 Chime Offers! in December

Every day from December 1st to 25th, you will receive new offers. Each offer expires within 24 hours. You can check all offers in advance at www.chimecard.com/users/holiday. If you don’t have Chime card yet, please read “Chime Card Reviews.”

25 days 25 chime offers

There are many great offers. I plan to redeem ten offers out of 25. In the website, you can set up a reminder by clicking “Remind Me” on each offer. You will receive an email on the day the offers of your favorite stores are available so you won’t miss them.

Starting with amazon.com, “Free $5 Store Credit.” Free $x Store Credit means there is no minimum spending requirement. $5 will be back instantly to your Chime account after a check-out. We had the same offer just a few weeks ago. I redeemed it by purchasing $5 amazon E-gift card.

free 5 dollar for amazon

There are many other offers of the same type, as well as “Spend $XX Get $X” type of offers for major and popular stores. Check for yourself.


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